How to Make Your Own CBD Water

How to Make Your Own CBD Water

December 14, 2020 0 By admin

CBD has a range of benefits, and even if it’s a relatively new commercial product, it’s available in several forms. One of the most recent forms of hemp extract is CBD water.
CBD water is a simple way for people to get their daily cannabidiol dosage. And if you want to know how to make your own CBD water, the process is straightforward.
In this post, you get essential details on how to make your CBD water without hassle. Also, you’ll get information on when you should drink CBD water to guarantee it has a maximum effect.

How to Make CBD Drinking Water

CBD water is made possible through cannabidiol liposomes. Follow these steps to make your own CBD drinking water in few steps;

  • Get your glass of clean water or use water in a BPA-free container. Pure, filtered water works best as it doesn’t feature any contaminants that’ll taint your mixture.
  • Add water-soluble CBD into the BPA-free H2O and stir for 10 ~ 20 seconds.

Note: For better mixing potential, use purified or spring drinking water

How Much CBD Water Should I Drink Every Day?

Are you at odds when it comes to how best to consume CBD water each day? Consider leveraging this guide to max out CBD’s benefits in a drink;

One-go dosage
If you need a once-off dosage, consider adding your entire daily quota to one drink. If you’re using CBD oils, this may be a little tricky to achieve. Consider using alcohol-based and water-soluble options to make the most of one dosage with ease.

Dosage spread
If you prefer taking your CBD doses in part through the day, then partition your cannabidiol for smoother consumption.

When Should I Drink CBD Water?

When you should drink your CBD water is not set in stone, but you can follow the recommendations below;
Consider taking a glass of CBD water each morning if you need a dose of cannabidiol to start your day. Taking CBD water early in the morning provides early hydration. It also helps in awakening the body for a much sharper day.
CBD has the potential to alleviate anxiety symptoms. If you feel offbeat each morning, CBD water could prove effective in keeping you in tune through each day.
Some people prefer taking CBD by lunch to make the most of navigating strenuous days. And if you’re up for some extra special add-ons, consider adding some minerals to your CBD water mix.
And if you’re keen on getting a dose of CBD before rest, consider drinking CBD water at night.

Final Words

Getting a drink of CBD doesn’t come any better than what cannabidiol water provides. And with what this post lines out, knowing how to make your own CBD water is hassle-free.
Measure your dose right, and leverage what water-soluble CBD products have to offer! And with the easy-mix potential of these liquids, it becomes more comfortable to get a dose at any time, everyday!